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Project Sponsors and Governance

The Cardinal Project team includes executive sponsors, a steering committee and the Cardinal Project management team.

Project Governance

The Cardinal Project adheres to policies and procedures established for major information technology projects, as established by VITA (Virginia Information Technologies Agency), and the Commonwealth’s Chief Information Officer. 

The Cardinal Project sponsors include:

  • David Von Moll, Comptroller, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Randy McCabe, Assistant Comptroller, Commonwealth of Virginia

Welcome from the Commonwealth's

David Von Moll, Comptroller
David Von Moll

“Meeting tomorrow’s challenges today”


As you know, Cardinal is the Commonwealth’s initiative that replaces the legacy statewide accounting system, CARS with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.  As the state’s financial management system of record, Cardinal is the driving force behind paying our vendors, reimbursing our employees’ expenses, tracking our bank deposits, producing our financial statements and many other important financial activities. 

In an effort to leverage the investments already made in a common ERP software architecture, a proven project team, and a successful implementation methodology, the Commonwealth will now expand the Cardinal footprint to include the additional PeopleSoft modules necessary to meet our payroll and supporting business process requirements. 

We look forward to working with you and your agency as we move forward with the next step in central system modernization.  The is a tremendous opportunity for the Commonwealth to benefit from modern technology.  Although these projects are complex and require significant efforts to implement, I am confident by working together we can overcome any hurdles that are presented to us.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this important objective.


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