Where We Started
1986 - Department of Accounts (DOA) statewide mainframe financial system of record, Commonwealth Accounting and Reporting System (CARS II), implemented.
1986 - DOA statewide mainframe payroll system of record, Commonwealth Integrated Payroll/Personnel System (CIPPS), implemented.
1998 - Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) agency Financial Management System (FMS II) implemented.
Enterprise Analysis
2004-2006 - VDOT FMS II upgrade planning conducted.
2006-2007 - VDOT joined DOA on statewide Virginia Enterprise Application Program (VEAP) initiative to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to replace statewide administrative systems.
2009 - Conducted a Request for Proposals for ERP software and services. Contracts established with Oracle for PeopleSoft ERP software and Accenture LLP for services. Initiative was sponsored by DOA, VDOT, and Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and work started on a new financial system (Cardinal).
Cardinal Financials Implementation
2011 - Cardinal Financials implemented at VDOT.
2012 - Cardinal Financials implemented at DOA.
2014 - Cardinal Financials implemented at approximately half of Commonwealth’s agencies.
2015 - DOA initiates statewide payroll system replacement and Cardinal conducts planning and analysis. This initiative was to replace CIPPS to reduce the risks associated with an aging payroll system that was over thirty years old and would soon have no support from the vendor.
2016 - Cardinal Financials was implemented at remaining Commonwealth’s agencies.
2016 - Cardinal payroll system project launched.
2017 - Cardinal completes upgrade of the Cardinal Financials to PeopleSoft v9.2.
Cardinal Continues to Grow
May 2018 - Agency leadership from the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) and DOA, along with the Secretaries of Administration and Finance, decide to revise the Cardinal payroll system implementation plan to incorporate the replacement of the state’s Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) and Benefits Eligibility System (BES) in conjunction with the replacement of Time Attendance and Leave (TAL) system, and CIPPS. This decision was made based on risks associated with stability issues in PMIS and BES.
August 2018 – The Cardinal HCM Project officially kicks off with a year-long analysis phase to assess human resource and benefits administration business processes and identify of impacts to Cardinal payroll and time & attendance business process work done to date.
Cardinal HCM Implementation
July 2019 – Cardinal HCM Project officially introduced to state agencies.
September 2019 – Efforts begin to design and build Cardinal HCM.
August 2020 – Cardinal HCM Project introduced to localities.
September 2020 – Agencies and localities are split into release groups.
January 2021 – Training efforts launched for agency and locality members through the Cardinal Learning training management system.