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Project Benefits

The Cardinal System provides the Commonwealth with a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) financial management system that offers:

  • Robust financial management processes
  • Improved data capture
  • Powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities
  • Software that is supported by the vendor community
  • Integration with other key systems for end-to-end business processing
  • Infrastructure that is more easily upgraded
  • An ERP (enterprise resource planning) system based on industry best practices
  • A reduction in the risks associated with dated and unsupported financial management systems
  • Standardization of some routine business processes
  • Conformity with regulatory (financial, technical, governmental) standards
  • Greater utility for a wider range of users

These features make Cardinal a system that offers improved functionality to both agencies and end users at all levels, while providing a platform that can address the business and process needs of the Commonwealth for years to come.

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