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Training Overview

Cardinal training classes are delivered in two formats:

  • Web-based training (WBT) is available for introductory, intermediate and some advanced classes.
  • Instructor-led training (ILT) is available for advanced classes.

Other materials (such as job aids) are also available for use in conjunction with the training.

Training materials are provided for both WBT and ILT Courses:

  • Introductory, 100 Level courses will be the first level of learning.
  • Navigation, 200 Level courses will be the second level of learning and serve as the first introduction to Cardinal.
  • Role-based, 300 Level courses will be the final level of learning with functional, hands-on learning in Cardinal.

training pyramid


The VDOT University Virtual Campus is being used to support Cardinal training at VDOT.  Web-based training (WBT) courses are available through the VDOT University Virtual Campus to all employees and non-employees who need to access Cardinal to perform their job responsibilities.  The VDOT University Virtual Campus is also the portal for registering for Cardinal instructor-led training (ILT) courses.

To access the VDOT University Virtual Campus:

What training do I need to take?

All Cardinal users need to take the following web based training (WBT) courses:

  • NAV101: Cardinal Overview (WBT)
  • NAV201: Navigation in Cardinal (WBT)

All Cardinal users who are employees (i.e. not contracted personnel) should also take the TA362: Time & Attendance Employee Self Service WBT.

Additional training courses you need are determined by the tasks you will perform in Cardinal. Web-based training is available to all employees. Check with your supervisor regarding which instructor-led training courses you should attend.

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