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Cardinal Security

To gain access to Cardinal, a Cardinal Security Form must be completed, approved and submitted to the Cardinal Security Team. Training on Cardinal functionality and processes may also be required prior to access being granted.

Access is granted based on the specific work that an employee needs to perform and the associated Cardinal security role(s). Refer to the Cardinal Security Handbook for a description of each security role.

VDOT users should contact their respective Cardinal Coordinator if they have questions regarding security access to Cardinal.


  • Sharon Chapman
  • Karl Reedy

Northern Virginia:

  • Shanese Strand
  • Melanie Wright


  • Michelle Breeden
  • Angela Foroughi


  • Shavon Matias
  • Lezlie Ellis


  • Donna Cloniger
  • Susan Gardner


  • Katalin Ogle
  • Thelma Ingle

Hampton Roads:

  • Carla Williams
  • Mariann Griffin


  • Lisa Bottenfield
  • Amanda Hughes


  • Joyce Coleman
  • John Hays

Central Office:

  • Robert Carver
  • Kimberly Wingo







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