Cardinal Finanicals Image

Cardinal’s flagship accounting application

The Cardinal Financials (FIN) application is the Commonwealth’s official accounting system of record. It is designed to transform business processes that are common across the Commonwealth.

The Cardinal Portal is the gateway to the Cardinal Financials (FIN) application. Click the link or enter the Cardinal URL, to access FIN through the Cardinal Portal.

Business functions include:

This functional area includes two modules: Accounts Payable and Expenses. Functions include establishing and maintaining suppliers, entering and submitting vouchers, managing employee expenses, processing payments, and creating 1099s.

The Funds Receipt module (utilized Statewide) is part of the Accounts Receivable (AR) functional area. The AR module enables users to enter, process, and finalize payments and fund transfers received.

Expanded Billing and Accounts Receivable functionality is used by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to support the following key processes: Set up and Maintain Customers, Generate Bills and Create Receivables, Maintain Receivables, Collections and Aging, Enter Funds Receipts, and Apply Payments.

This functional area enables users to establish the financial accounts used to accumulate the results of transaction processing, create budgets, generate financial statements, and provide source financial data for reports.

This functional area includes four modules: Purchasing, eProcurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Procurement Contracts. Functions include the buying of goods and services by creating and processing requisitions, purchase orders, receipts, PCard and ISSP transactions, creating and awarding bids/proposals, and managing and archiving all Cardinal contract related information.

This functional area includes two modules: Project Costing and Customer Contracts. Functions include identifying, controlling and tracking all financial information for a project, and the creation of rules that govern the billing of individuals, localities, and/or the federal government for certain portions of the project related costs.