About Cardinal Image

The Cardinal Program is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s statewide initiative to implement and leverage Oracle’s Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) management system. Named in honor of the state bird, the Cardinal system was designed to replace and improve an outdated accounting system. By implementing an integrated, streamlined solution across the Commonwealth, state agencies experience improved efficiency, better access to information, and modernization within their respective business practices.

  • Robust financial management processes
  • Improved data capture
  • Powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities
  • An upgraded software supported by the vendor community
  • Integration with other key systems for end-to-end business processing
  • Infrastructure that is more easily upgraded
  • An ERP (enterprise resource planning) system based on industry best practices
  • A reduction in the risks associated with dated and unsupported financial management systems
  • Standardization of routine business processes
  • Conformity with regulatory (financial, technical, governmental) standards
  • Greater utility for a wider range of users