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Click here to see the August 2014 Newsletter

Wave 1 Go-Live - Cutover Schedule



Cutover Communications

Click here to see the Cardinal Impact to CARS Entries in September and October 2014 communication of 9/4/14.

Click here to see the CARS Travel Advance Conversion and Processing Steps communication of 9/4/14.

Click here to see the Cardinal Implementation – IAT Processing Changes communication of 9/5/14.

Recent Events

During August, 2014, Cardinal Re-Introduction Meetings were held with Wave 2 agencies that will implement Cardinal in 2016.  These meetings, originally scheduled for October, were conducted earlier to allow  agencies some additional preparation time.

The presentation (see link below) provided lower level information for Wave 2 agencies about agency involvement and impacts, especially in relation to the Chart of accounts, major business process changes, and Cardinal interfaces. 

Click here to view the Wave 2 Cardinal Reintroduction Meeting.

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